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Wettringen, 17.04.2024

Lucky again

Thanks to well thought-out logistics, experience in dealing with formalities and professional transportation, we are well positioned on the market. We wish to thank our customers for their confidence and loyalty.
Company Services EU-Assembly Center Stables


Full attention to animal welfare

The "Markus Krümpel" collecting point and supply station (registration no. 055 66 096 38 17), approved in 1996, is a separate sector within our traditional company.

This facility has the task of feeding, loading, sorting and checking (done by an official veterinarian) all of the animals entrusted into our care.

Here, we can provide you with EU and third country certification by vets of the animals to be transported and complete all the important customs formalities.

Another service for you

Krümpel has a self-contained hangar for cleaning your vehicles. Here, you can have the interior of your lorries cleaned, 24 hours a day on our premises.