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Wettringen, 17.04.2024

Lucky again

Thanks to well thought-out logistics, experience in dealing with formalities and professional transportation, we are well positioned on the market. We wish to thank our customers for their confidence and loyalty.
Company Services EU-Assembly Center Stables


Productivity thanks to a sense of duty and experience

Our services are available to you throughout the year, 24 hours a day (branch differences apply).

We are able to benefit from over one hundred years’ experience and continue the characteristic features of a family company: customer friendliness, individuality and commitment. Top-of-the-range quality and care is paramount to us when it comes to processing orders.

We place particular emphasis on ensuring that all the animals placed in our care are transported in keeping with animal welfare laws in either our own lorries or lorries from renowned transportation companies.

Our punctuality and reliability, both in Germany and abroad, has won our customers over.